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Cultivation Through Kaya

Our Solutions for Growers

Kaya is a web and mobile application tailored for the cannabis cultivation industry that assists in the organization and analysis of plants, tasks, and employees.
We want to help cultivators better understand their cannabis and their business.

Organize your cannabis grow operation from seed to harvest.

  • Easily create an entire task schedule for a harvest
  • Access real-time data on both plants and employees
  • Monitor and respond to any issues with plants
  • Manage completed and pending tasks company-wide

Analyze productivity, revenue, and historical plant data.

  • Determine which strains and harvests are most profitable
  • View a thorough history and analysis of the full plant lifecycle
  • Trace the lineage of each plant and its family's productivity
  • Review sales and productivity reports with data from Metrc

We're integrated with your cannabis compliance tools.

We automatically sync with your harvest and plant data.

Metrc Validated Integrator

The Crew